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Quality Efforts

Here at Riken Keiki we pledge to ensure the safety of the public in working environments. In light of this, we have zero tolerance for compromises in quality in any manufacturing process.

It can be difficult and demanding to satisfy the basic conditions for precisely ensuring that a facility or system is completely free of gas leaks. Riken Keiki is able to produce high-quality goods through its R&D department, the production technologies of its manufacturing sites, its services to provide accurate information to all customers, and its no-compromise attitude.

Environmental Principles

Philosophy on quality

Our company has used the necessary management resources to establish a Quality Management System that serves society and satisfies the needs of customers with timely products made with high-quality precision.

Company's Principles

  1. All rules related to our quality management system must be strictly followed.
  2. We work to fulfill the needs of our customers. The quality of our products and services proves our dedication to this principle.
  3. In addition to fulfilling the needs of our customers, we work to continually improve our quality management system.
  4. We set a quality mark every year and regularly check it to confirm improvement.
  5. We teach our quality policies to all of our employees to ensure that they completely understand them.
  6. Our quality policy may be modified to adapt to current issues and to our customers' needs.