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Environmental Efforts

Contributing to Environmental Preservation


At Riken Keiki we take two approaches to environmental conservation. The first is a thoroughgoing commitment towards corporate activity with minimal environmental impact. Through this commitment we have acquired certification by the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard. Our company selects only environment-friendly materials for its research. In manufacturing, we apply integrated systems to contain all waste and contaminants generated. Our second approach to environmental protection applies in product development. The detectors and measuring instruments we have developed for environmental pollution are highly valued for their roles in emission control, as well as for the control of substances such as formaldehyde and dioxin. The possibility of an environmentally safe 21st century is increasing exponentially.

Environmental Principles

Environmental Ideology

Our company recognizes that environment preservation is the basis for the "continual development" of mankind on earth. With this in mind, we continue to base our corporate activities on the balanced management concepts of "customer satisfaction" and "service to society."


  1. We strive to offer corporate activity and products which consider environmental impact, such as the promotion of saving energy and natural resources, reduction of waste and emissions, and proper processing, from product design and development to shipment and delivery.
  2. We carry out environmental audits, continually improve our environment management systems, strive to cut down on emissions (by switching to materials that produce less waste), and improve our environmental performance by executing these management policies.
  3. We develop products that contribute to environmental protection.
  4. We observe all related environmental statutes and public standards.
  5. We maintain clear purposes and goals in our management actions, reviewing them periodically and whenever circumstances require.
  6. Our principles are made known to all employees, and we strive to raise environmental consciousness whenever possible.
  7. Our policies are conceived in response to external demands and are issued publicly.